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What would you do with $20 million?

The following was in Jeff Blair's column a few days ago. When I read it at the time I kind of ignored it, thinking that the chances of the Jay's payroll increasing was somewhere between slim and none. Now I've heard the same thing in a few different places. While I haven't made it to the point where I believe it, it is possible:

I keep hearing that Rogers Communications has let it be known that they will agree to increase the Toronto Blue Jays’ payroll, but only if Paul Beeston stays on as president and chief executive officer. The thinking is he would be allowed to hire a facilities management guy and bring in a veteran baseball person if he so desires to continue grooming Canadian-born assistant general manager Alex Anthopoulos.

What could happen? I think at the end of the season the Jay's will announce Paul Beeston will keep the job. If I'm Paul Beeston I only take the job if Rogers guarantees that the payroll level stays consistant. It is easy to complain that the Jays don't have a plan, but it is much harder to look like you have a plan if your payroll changes every year. Again if I'm Beeston I make JP Riccardi my 'special adviser' (we are paying him next year we might as well get something for the money) or something like that and give the GM job to Alex Anthopoulos.

If we hire a new GM we have to give him a little bit of money to pay with because we'll want him to make a good impression with the fans, build some excitement in the off season.

Anyway all this was a long way around to asking a question for you all. Let's say you are the new GM (man the Jays are more desperate than I thought) and you have roughly $20 million to spent on new players what would you do? Now if you like you can trade Doc and have about $35 million to spend, less whatever salary that comes with the players you got in the trade. Now be real.

Personally, I'd be looking for a center fielder first and would tell Vernon he is playing RF. Vernon's arm might not be the prototype RFer arm but his range is far short of what I want in CF and I'm tired of watching balls fall at his feet. Second I want a catcher, I'd see what the Pirates would want to take Ryan Doumit off their hands. After that well it is fun money.

Anyway let us know what you would do if you were suddenly named GM and had $20 million to spent?