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Friday's Question

Well actually the second question on Friday, I'm really enjoying the responses to the first question. I know the team is losing at the moment but there is a good base of players on the team, it is just messed up by Millar, Bautista, Barajas, Wells, Encarnacion and all. A team can afford to have a player or two that aren't pulling their weight, but when you have several it is hard to overcome. 

Anyway let's continue along in the game of choosing a player off teams to give to the Jays with the NL East. There are a lot of good players on the 5 teams in the NL East, so it should be interesting. It has been fun seeing who people would pick off each team. I will admit that in the middle of the off season I'll be mad at myself for wasting this idea durning the season but it's been fun.

So make your choices. I'll play too a little later.