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That was more exciting than it needed to be.

Angels 4 Blue Jays 5

Until the bottom of the 9th that was a fun, almost boring game. The first inning took 40 minutes and we came out of it up 4-0. Marc Rzepczynski had runners on 2nd and 3rd in the top of the first but got out of it, but he was pitching extremely slow. But that was all the trouble he got into all game. We got a Aaron Hill homer and a Vernon Wells RBI double. Then we loaded the bases in the bottom of the first and actually scored when Jose Bautista hit a two run single. We really ought to try scoring after loading the bases more often. It seems to work. That was all the scoring we had except for a Wells solo homer in the 3rd.

Scrabble pitched great for us, going 6.1 innings, allowing only 3 hits, a walk, a run and striking out 6. He really has to be in the mix for starters next year. Josh Roenicke pitched a good 1.2 innings, allowing his inherited run to score but was very good after that. Then in the 9th Brandon League came in and gave up two ground ball singles. Bad luck, niether was hit hard and had the second one been a few feet left or right it would have been a double play ball. Then he gave up a line drive that Hill made an amazing play on. After that Cito took him out of the game. One of those where he got the ground balls he was supposed to get but you can't aim them. 

But then Cito brought in Casey Janssen. I really didn't understand this move. It was a save situation and, I am a big Janssen fan, but he hasn't pitched that much since coming back up and hasn't looked great. I'd save him for middle relief for a while yet. But Janssen came in and Mike Napoli homers making it a one run game. I figured we'd see Frasor now but no. A pop out to center and a double later and suddenly we have the tying run at second and Bobby Abreu up. Again I'm sure we'll bring in Frasor but no again. Janssen gets a ground ball from Abreu but thankfully it was at Lyle Overbay and that was the game. A save for Janssen. a save where he gave up a homer and a double, but a save.

Offensively Vernon had a good game with a double, a homer, 2 runs and 2 RBI. Hill had a homer. Bautista had a 2 run single and 2 walks. Randy Ruiz had a single and 2 walks. Travis Snider walked twice as well. Everyone in the lineup had at least a hit or a walk except Raul Chavez who was 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. 

Jays of the Day are Scrabble (.191 WPA and a win), Wells (.130), Bautista (.105) and Hill (with the homer and the very important catch in the 9th). No Suckage Jays today.

Oh I guess I missed the big news, Randy Ruiz stole a base. Yep all 250 pounds of him. The other big news was that Moonraker hit 6th in the order. That was good to see, thanks Cito.

Tomorrow we have an afternoon game with Ervin Santana going against Scott Richmond.