Third baseman name might just fill the bill

Ever since the departure of Scott Rolen to Cincinnati, the Blue Jays have given most of the opportunity to Edwin Encarcion to play the 3b position. However, every time there has been a ground ball to his direction, you almost have to hold your breath to make sure the ball get's to first before the runner. When ever he's been playing, it just seems he is not confident out there...

Other than the one good year last year where he hit 26 homers and drove in 68 runs in just over 500 atbats, he became vey injury prone this year, which made it an easy decision for the Reds to move him. I suppose that now explains why experts claim the other two pitchers in the deal were the best part of the trade. Coincidence or not? After appearing in just 16-games for the Jays, he strains a left hamstring.

Jose Bautista, is the other option Cito has used at third since Rolen's departure. Although he can play defense and bring a respectible OBP to the table, hitting under .230 with 3 homers and just 18 RBI's in just over 200 plate appearances, is hardly the impressive numbers you expect from a MLB third baseman.

Angels 3B Chone Figgins who is eligible for free agency after this year, would be a perfect fit here in Toronto. He can hit for average, steal bases, bring a high OBP and play his position well. The only negative, he doesn't hit for power, but this is overlooked considering how much more offense he generates for the players behind him in the batting lineup...

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