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Yeah another one that wasn't fun

Rays 7 Blue Jays 3

Brett Cecil wasn't good, I'm thinking the guy has thrown more pitches this year than he ever has in the past, likely he has a tired arm and maybe is time to shut him down. He gave up 2 home runs to Carlos Pena in his 3.1 innings. We used 5 guys out of the bullpen, all of them looked good. Scott Downs pitched a good inning for his first work since coming back from the DL. I'm growing to like Josh Roenicke.

Offensively we had 10 hits tonight and 2 homers, one each for Aaron Hill and Travis Snider. So one would have expected that that we would score more than 3 runs, but one would be wrong. Everyone in the starting lineup had at least one hit expect Randy Ruiz, but he's been great since coming up so we'll give him a pass today. Vernon Wells and Rod Barajas had 2 hits each. Even John McDonald took a walk after coming into the game to give Hill a couple of innings off. Walking Johnny Mac should be grounds to be send to the minors, and the low minors at that.

Defensively? Well, Vernon did run down a couple of balls, but the other two in the outfield? Man, run towards ball that are hit in your direction. Please. Bautista made another error. As good as he has looked in the outfield he looks bad at third base.

Jays of the Day? Well we don't have any. Barajas comes closest at a big .023 WPA. Suckage Jay? Brett Cecil (-.399). Randy Ruiz came close at -.094. 

Yeah the game wasn't much fun. You really have to take joy in the little things. Hill hit his 30th homer. And Snider has been terrific at the plate. 

Tomorrow Scrabble (2-3, 3.65) goes for the Jays against Scott Kazmir (8-7, 6.17). how you have a winning record with a 6.17 ERA I couldn't tell you but hopefully we score some runs.