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Off Day Question.

Not much for news in Jay land and I don't really feel like complaining about Kevin Millar or Cito's decision not to pinch hit for John McDonald. And since the long piece I was writing yesterday has disappeared down one of those computer holes, never to be seen again and it will be a couple of days before I feel like rewriting it, I thought I'd ask a question.

We are getting close to September call up time (I can tell this because my kids have their first day of school), so thought I'd ask: Who would you like to see the Jays call up for September? And what sort of role would you like them to have for the last month of the season?

Nice to have the win before the off day. We are using the night to go watch the players at the Team Canada try out camp scrimmage tonight. It should be fun to watch some of the best players in the world skate, all trying to impress the PTB, so that they can make the Olympic team and play in front of home country crowds in Vancouver. It should be great fun.

I'm also going to use some of the day to go to the gym, I haven't been consistent with workouts this summer so I want to spend the next couple of weeks getting back into a regular routine. Tomorrow too a cousin from England is coming to town so going to enjoy a couple of days of playing tour guide. We had my uncle visit a few years back and he really enjoyed baseball, became a big Jay's fan in a short period of time. It took a bit for him to learn that the rules are a little different than cricket, he kept thinking the pitchers should bounce the ball in to make it harder to hit. I'm glad J.P. Howell took his advice last night.

Anyway, use the thread to answer the question or bring up any other off day topic you'd like to discuss. Brad Penny was released by the Red Sox last night. He'd be a cheap option to fill some innings after the Jays shut down a couple young starters, but likely some contending team might want him to help down the stretch.