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A Couple of Links.

Our friends at Beyond the Box Score have a couple of posts up involving the Jays. First they have their weekly power rankings and our Jays are ranked 6th in baseball, higher than I thought they'd be. The unfortunate thing is that 3 other AL East teams are above them in the rankings. The only non AL East teams ranking above them are the Rookies and the Dodgers

And they also have a nice piece on our favorite shortstop, Marco Scutaro. It is ice to see others are noticing how good he is.

Overall, Scutaro has been almost exactly worth 5 wins so far in 2009.  This is certainly uncharted territory for the 33-year-old, and it certainly begs the question of what we can expect from him going forward.  Why did a player who only put up  5.2 wins total in 5 full seasons from 2004-2008 suddenly double his career production in one fell swoop in 2009?

We also got mentioned by Gordon Wittenmyer in the Chicago Sun-Times talks about the troubles the Cubs have been having with Milton Bradley. He speculates on the Cubs wanting to trade him but not know who would take him, then he remembers the Jays:

The Blue Jays? They would seem to have room in the outfield. The fans like their beer as much as fans at Wrigley, but there are far fewer of them and they generally don't care enough about baseball to focus or put pressure on a single player.

And considering how badly he seems to want out of Chicago, what better destination than another country?




 It is always nice to be insulted. I can't see the Jays trading for him but we shall see.