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You think maybe we could just have an automatic title saying 'Jays lose to Red Sox' come up after every game against Boston?

Blue Jays 2 Red Sox 3

For the second game in a row we rallied in the 9th but didn't quite complete the comeback. Jose Bautista lead off with a single against Clay Buchholz (who we only had 2 hits off in the first 8 innings) then Aaron Hill hit a hard line out right at the SS. Bad luck. Francona brought in Hideki Okajima, who gave up a run scoring double to Adam Lind and a run scoring single to Lyle Overbay. Jonathan Papelbon came in and Vernon Wells popped out on the first pitch and Kevin Millar popped out to end the game. So close but....

Jay of the Day is Ricky Romero (.105 WPA). It seems funny to me since he allowed 11 base runners in his 5.1 innings but when he left the game it was only 1-0, but the bullpen allowed the two base runners they inherited from him to score. Suckage Jays are Millar (-.138), Travis Snider (-.122) and Hill (-.120). 

Our relievers? Casey Janssen gave up a single to the one batter he faced. Jesse Carlson struck out his one batter. Brandon League gave up a infield single and a walk before getting out of the 6th inning, then pitched a perfect 7th. Scott Downs pitched a scoreless 8th despite a Elisbury triple. 

We had no offense at all until the 9th, you could tip your hat to Clay Buchholz or you could wonder why we thought Cito was such a great batting coach earlier in the season. I'm starting to do the latter. As Torgen said in the game thread of the things you expect a manager to do, what does Cito do well? He's a really nice guy. But is that something that you look for in manager. Anyway you can look in the game thread to see the conversation.

Tomorrow at 1:30 Eastern Doc goes up against, well it was to be Jon Lester but he's been pushed back so it will likely be Paul Byrd who would be called up tomorrow. We have to be able to beat Paul Byrd. Right?