Cool names not necessarily best Jays

since the Jays inauguration in 1977, there have been quite a few players that have come and gone through this organization, including some players with real "head turning" last names.. Here's just a few I gathered as personal favorites. If you have a personal favorite name from a former player in the organization please post it here..

Sil Campusano 1988 John Candelaria 1990

Chip Cannon*2006-2009 Gustavo Chacin*2004-2009

Vito Chiaravalloti 2006 Pasqual Coco* 2000-2002

Jordan De Jong*2006-2008 Huck Flener 1993-97

John Frascatore 1999-2001 Balbino Fuenmayor* 2007

Dirk Hayhurst* 2008-09 Mark Lemongello 1979

Ryan Klosterman*2006-08 Mickey Klutts 1983

Hector Luna*2007-08 Mike Maksudian 1992

Cliff Politte*2002-03 Marc Rzepczynski*

Scott Schoeneweis*2005 Shaun Skrehot 2006

Steve Staggs 1977 Tanyon Sturtze*2003

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