Questionable decisions by Cito prove costly..

There's no question with 11.5 games back of the wild card spot heading into tonight's game against New York, the Blue Jays are already playing for next season. However, it doesn't necessarily mean we should no be winning as many games as possible. When I looked at today's batting lineup and noticed Millar was penciled in as the cleanup hitter, my eye balls nearly popped out of it's sockets. Lind, Hill and even Encarnacion were all options Gaston should have considered ahead of Millar who has struggled all season and won't be part of this club coming next year. Another poor decision came In the bottom of the 7th, when with runners on first and second and OverBay on the bench, Gaston opted to stay with righthanded hitting Bautista to hit against righthander Phil Hughes, which resulted into an inning ending ground out....

A brief note.... tomorrow serving Jays CEO Paul Beeston is going to be on the Bob McCowan show, where then he is to unveil the soon to be permanent CEO of the club...

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