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Doc, Jays Lose Again: Yankees 5, Jays 3

The Jays dropped a tough one today to the hated Yankees

On the Mound:  Roy Halladay ran into some bad luck in the first inning, giving up two runs on a bloop double and an error.  Once again, he struggled a bit late in the game, and that swung the game - giving up 3 solo home runs in the last 2 innings. It was a strange game for Doc, who scuffled at the outset and at the very end but just plain breezed through most of the middle. 

At the Plate:  The Jays turned hard hit outs into an art form once again today, with countless lineouts and well hit outs.  Until the 8th inning, the only Jays run scored on an Alex Rios sacrifice fly.  In the 8th inning, Vernon Wells came up with a big 2-out, 2-run double.  It was clutch and it was at home.  Just sayin'.  Vernon also walked.  Marco Scutaro and Aaron Hill each had 2 singles in 5 at-bats and everyone else pretty much stunk it up offensively.  Edwin Encarnacion had a double, though not a well-struck one. 

From the Pen:  Nah, Doc went the distance. 

Let's face it, it was a tough game and you probably don't want to read about it now that it's over.  Tomorrow will be better.  Jay of the Day:  Vernon Wells.  Lots of Hinskes today: Adam Lind, Alex Rios, Jose Bautista.