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Jays 3, Orioles 2 (10 innings)

Nice to see our lads come out on top of an extra-inning game (and a one-run game) for a change!  Unfortunately I missed most of this one, but caught the fun at the end. 

On the MoundBrett Cecil was on his way before a left knee injury took him out of the game in the 5th inning.  Cecil is scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow.  He mentioned that the injury dates back to last year and that he doesn't think it's all that serious.  Having to miss time would make it easy for the Jays to limit Cecil's innings, since he's got a limited number of starts left in him anyway.  Cecil was really struggling when he was pulled - he was throwing fastballs but the scoreboard at the stadium kept registering them as change-ups.  If Cecil can't make his next starts, I wonder if the Jays would give Purcey another try or maybe hand a few starts to Fabio Castro, who has started to pitch reasonably well again after an awful stretch.

At the Plate:  The Jays got a lazy two runs in the second on Alex Rios' 2-run home run.  That's Rios' second lazy home run in his last two lazy games.  I'm surprised he had the dedication to jog around the bases.  He also walked today, which just figures.  That was all the Jays could muster until Adam Lind's game-winning single in the 10th inning.  No one had two hits today, but Lyle Overbay did get on base three times (twice by walk). 

From the Pen:  Wow.  Brian Tallet was incredible today.  After Cecil left in the 5th, Tallet pitched 4 2/3 fantastic shutout innings to keep the score tied.  Tallet struck out 4, walked 1, and gave up just a few singles until the Jays sent him out for the 10th and he served up a double.  Jason Frasor finished that inning by inducing a few ground balls to set the stage for Lind's game winner. 

In the Field:  Edwin Encarnacion's throwing error put Cecil behind the 8 ball in the 4th inning, the only inning in which the Orioles scored.  That was the first of two questionable plays by E^3 in that inning.

So, until today, the Jays had lost their last 10 games that were decided by the last at-bat.  Exhale. 

Lind, Rios, Overbay, and Frasor take home Jays of the Day, but the real prize goes to Brian Tallet, who was responsible for over 43% of the win on his own.