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Roy Halladay and Jays Win

Orioles 3 Blue Jays 7

Maybe it is because I've had a week away, but that was more fun than I remembered Jay's games being. Or maybe it was the win. Yeah, that last thing. 

Roy Halladay was good, not amazing, light's out good, but good. 8 innings, 9 hits, 3 runs, 2 earned and 4 strikeouts. For his last few starts that would have bought him a loss or at best a no decision, but today  we got him some runs. 

Seeing the lineup before the game started, I figured on a Kevin Millar rant in the recap but he was 3 for 3 with a homer and a walk, 2 runs and 2 RBI. He still shouldn't bat cleanup or for that matter be on the team but if he is going to play, that's the way to do it. Marco Scutaro was 4 for 4, with a homer and 2 runs and 2 RBI, more than making up for a pretty sad error that cost us a run (just his 4th error of the season). Vernon Wells was also 2 or 4 with a homer and 3 RBI. Alex Rios had 2 hits as well. The only 0 fors on the day belong to Adam Lind and Rod Barajas.

In the field, we turned 3 double plays and Jose Bautista made a great catch at the wall in the 8th. Seeing him throw out a runner at the plate in Seattle and watching that nice catch, he has won me over as a defensive corner outfielder. But he doesn't hit well enough for the role. 

Jays of the Day are Wells (.215 WPA), Millar (.185, if any executive for any other MLB team is reading this, Millar is wonderful, you really should claim him on waivers, honest, don't bother reading anything else written about him on here, it is all terrific, trust me), Scoot (.158) and Doc (.112). Honorable mention to Bautista for a good game and that catch. Suckage Jay is Barajas (-.113). 

The Jays have three games at Yankee Stadium, starting tomorrow, so we should get to see more home runs. Marc Rzepczynski (1-3, 3.74) starts for us, while Sergio Mitre (1-0, 7.50) starts for the Yankees. The game thread was great fun today, join us there tomorrow if you can.

The news on Brett Cecil is good, MRI found no damage but he will miss his next start, not a bad thing since his innings pitched total is getting up there. The news on Rios is there is no news yet, someone claimed him, the Jays have till Tuesday to work out a deal or pull him off waivers. My bet is the latter. This happens a lot near the end of every season, normally it isn't news but for some reason this time it became news. We will see.