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September Call-Ups: Inglett, Wolfe, Hayhurst -- Or, Are the Jays Even Trying?

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Well, the Jays have apparently underwhelmed everyone by calling up three players: Joe Inglett, Brian Wolfe, and Dirk Hayhurst.     

Now, I bow to no one in my Hayhurst man-crush and I am very happy to see him back on the Jays.  But a team completely out of the playoff picture like the Jays should be using September callups as an opportunity to give players who progressed this season a taste of the big leagues, not just recalling AAAA types unlikely to be of more than marginal use to the team going forward. 

Brian Dopirak was a perfect example of someone who the Jays should be calling up.  Dopriak is 25 already, but his career has been held back by injuries as much as (more than, really) development problems.  He torched double A this season to the tune of .308/.374/.576 with 19 home runs in and 29 doubles in 87 games.  Then, after the all-star break, he similarly smashed up AAA with 21 extra base hits in 45 games and a .344 batting average.  He's right at the age where you want to see your minor-league hitter getting a shot at the bigs, and he has certainly earned a promotion with a fantastic season.  Perhaps craziest of all, the Jays have Kevin Millar in the lineup on an all-too-regular basis.  And yet Dopirak doesn't get promoted. 

How about Angel Sanchez?  Yeah, it's the PCL but he's hit .305/.363/.428 and his arm has apparently healed enough from ligament replacement surgery for him to reclaim his place as a plus defender at shortstop.  With Edwin Encarnacion still hurt, Marco Scutaro could move over to third base on days when Sanchez plays SS, thereby not hurting his stats for his impending free agency.  With Scutaro set to leave unless the Jays pony up, shouldn't the Jays at least take a look at what they may have in Sanchez? 

Fabio Castro or David Purcey?  Neither has been fantastic, but both have had credible seasons considering how tough the PCL can be on pitchers.  Purcey threw a complete game, no walk, 3-hit shutout his last time out on Sunday.  I'd say the Jays could take another look at him, with two young pitchers set to sit out the rest of the season, instead of giving starts to Brian Tallet.  Castro could get a look as well. 

And what to say about Jeremy Accardo, who has 26 Ks and 7 walks in 29 innings for Las Vegas, with a 3.10 ERA and lots of groundouts.  If they were going to recall someone, why not Accardo, and not Wolfe, considering Accardo has superior both major- and minor-league numbers this season and a much better chance of being a high-leverage reliever for a major-league team. 

That doesn't even get into the marginal cases like J.P. Arencibia and Scott Campbell - neither of which has had a great season - but Arencibia has 19 home runs and 31 doubles and has improved his walk rate a little, and Campbell did post a .371 OBP between AA and AAA. 

What do you all think?  Who would you have called up?