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Game 1 Recap: We Used to be Able to Catch the Ball

Blue Jays 2 Rangers 5

Marc Rzepczynski pitched great but got beat by his defense. He did give up a solo homer in the first but we lost the game on a ground ball that Lyle Overbay decided no to pick up, that for whatever reason the official scorer didn't call an error. I'd like to know what an error is in his book.. It cost us two runs and the game. Scrabble struck out 9 in his 6 innings. He really seems to pitch best with guys on base. He also picked a runner off 2nd. He also picked a runner off first in the 2nd inning but Overbay threw to second to get the runner and Marco Scutaro missed the catch. Scoot made another error later in the game. And John McDonald booted an easy ground ball to him that would have been a double play if he could have caught it. The way Mac bats, he's gotta make those plays. It was just careless on his part.

Offensively we scored on a ground ball with the bases loaded that Michael Young booted. Then Bautista quickly hit into a DP to end our hope there. I'm not sure what Cito sees in Bautista but he should never ever play against a RH pitch. Our other run was a Adam Lind homer, number 28 for him. We only got 6 hits, two for Lind. 

Jay of the Day is Lind (.162 WPA). Suckage are Bautista (-.219) and Mac (-.131 not counting the awful error). Brandon League had suckage numbers too but that was due to Mac's error. I'm also giving a Suckage award to Overbay. Rzepczynski deserves honorable mention for Jay of Day.

Game two is about to start, Millar is playing, Ruiz is not. Cito, what the hell are you doing?