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Game 2 Recap: That wasn't good either.

Blue Jays 2 Rangers 5

Yesterday we scored 18 runs in 1 game, today we struggle for 4 in 2 games. Tough to believe that Brandon McCarthy could hold us to 3 hits in 6.1 innings, but then that's the way we've played the season. 

Brian Tallet had trouble with Josh Hamilton who hit two homers off him. And he was slow covering first on a ball hit to his left yet again. He did try to tag the runner and the replay showed that he might have but it was a very tough call. The call cost him a run. Shawn Camp gave up a homer to Chris Davis in his inning. Dirk Hayhurst pitched the last 2 innings very well. Nice to have him back.

Offensively we did nothing. The only guy to have a good game was Joe Inglett who had 2 hits and a walk, giving Aaron Hill the game off at 2B. John McDonald had a double as well. In interest of fairness I'll mention Kevin Millar took 2 walks. 

The only other good thing about the game was a very good catch in CF by Vernon Wells. If he keeps playing like this he might get himself off the bottom of the CFer list in UZR. He does seem to be showing more range of late. 

No Jay of the Day for this game. Joe Inglett came closest at .084. Suckage Jays are Tallet (-.135) and Vernon (-.155). Overbay and Lind had terrible nights too, Lind hit into double plays his first two times up and another time he barely beat out a third one. 

Michael Young left the game with a strained hamstring and likely will be missing a few games for the Rangers. I'd rant and rave about Millar playing while Ruiz sits or Millar being on the team while Brian Dopirak is still in Vegas, but I'm too tired to rant. Just mentally add a thousand words whining about it. 

Tomorrow night Scott Richmond (6-7, 4.32) goes against Tommy Hunter (6-3, 2.95) and the Rangers. I know, Cito, you could care less about my sanity, but why not care about the team. Do not play Millar tomorrow. And while you are at get JP to call up Dopirak and a real third baseman.