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Brett Cecil Wins his Last Start of the Season

Twins 2 Blue Jays 3

That was a really nice start for Brett Cecil to go out on. 6 innings, 7 hits, just the 1 walk, 2 earned and 3 strikeouts. He finishes the season (presumably) 7-4 with a 5.30 ERA. August was a bad month for him, he was 2-2 but with a 8.25 ERA. I thought perhaps he had a tired arm, as he pitched more this year than ever before and he's not that far removed from being a closer in college. He did have a bit more trouble with LH batters than righties, unusual for LH pitchers for any team other than the Jays. I don't know why we would have so many lefties that have reverse splits but that's the way it is.  He gave up a few too many homers and walks this season but I'm sure he'll improve on that in the future. I think we have a keeper. 

The bullpen closed out the final 3 innings, holding the 1 run lead Cecil left with, allowing no hits. Scott Downs pitched a perfect 8th inning and Jason Frasor did the same in the 9th to get the save. Jeremy Accardo got his first work since coming back, giving up a walk and getting a force out at 2nd on a bunt, a pretty play by Edwin Encarnacion, he got the ball between the pitchers mound and the plate and threw across his body to get the out at 2nd. I know he's made some errors but I've also seen him make some very nice plays. I think, if he can get his power stroke back, he'd make a good third baseman. 

Offensively we did just enough. We only had 6 hits and 4 walks on the day but 4 of the hits were doubles and one was a homer. Adam Lind, Jose Bautista, Travis Snider and John McDonald each had doubles and Bautista had the homer. Adam Lind drove in 2 runs, one on the double and one on a sac fly giving him 96 on the season. 

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.181 WPA), Frasor (.168), Downs (.124) and Cecil (.123). Honorable mention to Lind and Snider. Suckage Jay is Lyle Overbay (-.105, 0 for 4).

Tomorrow we start a four game series in Detroit. and we'll get to see David Purcey on Monday. Tomorrow Brian Tallet (6-9, 5.31) goes against Nate Robertson (1-1, 5.40). We've tied two four game series in a row now, let's take 3 of 4 this time.