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Vote for the best limerick

Time to vote on the limericks, I'm just going copy them here and number them and you can vote for the one you like the best. Winner gets nothing but that little sense of accomplishment and title of Poet Laureate for Bluebird Banters. I'll just number the limericks and you can vote for the number of the one you like best.

Wow there are more than I thought there was....

Listed after the jump


Nobody has pitches like Doc’s
They befuddle the Yankees and Sox
But when JP mentions trade
the next four games he’s played
the only ’k’s he’s been throwing are knocks.


There once was a man named Vernon
Whose paycheck he wasn’t earnin’
Pop out or strikeout
A swear he would shout
And hearing fans boos was certain


There once was a site Blue Bird Banter
Who’s Jays they were sure would daunter
But the teams that they met
Always left them upset
Though never enough to disenchanter!


In the days leading up to June
our Jays had a great platoon
but then in a heartbeat
we turned into deadbeats
and Jamie Campbell is still a bafoon


Below tower, a baseball team plays
To mid-May they enjoyed winning days
Then did Red Sox Venus confound
So only defeat did abound
Left forgotten were victory days


When did the Jays chances of winning go to Heaven?
The day our cleanup hitters name was MILLAR, Kevin
He can’t really play first base
Shave that stupid beard of your face
Next year, our cleanup hitter better hit better than .207


When was JP’s unofficial last day as a Jay?
The day he decided to give Alex Rios away
Until then, I thought he was swell
Now frankly he can just go to hell
We need a new GM so with the Yankees we can play

8. Maybe not really a limerick:

Suppose there was a man on third
And at the dish a blue bird
With none away, three strikes go by
With one away, Vernon hits a pop fly
With two away, Mr. Lind let’s fly
A towering blast of such awesome height
That even Arod would alight
I cannot hit such a ball that far out of the field
Without the help of my needle
He’d also admit, he cannot hit
A world series winning home run,
Like that which Mr. Lind has just done


Everday my Tom writes words,
About a blue team named the birds,
Peed off at Cito & Millar-
Two names for him are a killer,
The season is now all absurd


there once was a blogger named Tom
who posted his posts with aplomb
‘09 started well
but then went to hell
and words he can’t use in front of Hugo’s mom!


there once was a man name Millar
who cito thought was a star
His greatest fame
is to drive us insane
thank god the c-word is barred


there is a team in toronto
who started the season of pronto
but in the standings they fell
as the disabled list swelled
hey JP send millar off to kyoto


Though it began with low expectation
The team put fear in Red Sox Nation
But just before June
The Jays laid a strunz
’Cause Millar ran out of Capzasin


A season of hope, a season of light
There were signs, but quickly it turned midnight
The Jays started fast
It obviously didn’t last
But with Lind, Hill, Snider and friends, the future is bright