Instability= poor attendances figures

Hard to imagine we could only draw eleven thousand and change in the last two games of the series against the Twins.

Who is the blame for this? Well! A bad record and behind 27.5 games back of first place certainly does not help the cause, but it's not the primary reason.

We are talking about an organization without a president and a general manager who is likely on the way out after the season and this is also the same club who is on the verge of losing it's franchise player in the off-season.

Commitment? This has to be the biggest concern with baseball fans here in Toronto. Since 1993 when we last got to the post season, the commitment to put a championship team on the "dance floor" just has not been there period.

Has it finally caught up with baseball fans to where they are just fed up? Absolutely! There's just no direct approach from the ownership & management team right now that would indicate they want to put this club back on the baseball map.

If management thought it was discouraging having only 11,000 + the other day, with a Baltimore and Seattle series still remaining in the 2009 home schedule, those numbers could get uglier before they even get better....


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