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Nice Start for Brian Tallet, Jays Beat Tigers

Blue Jays 6 Tigers 4

Great to see Brian Tallet have a good start, it has been awhile. But 6.1 innings with only 7 hits, most of the bloop single variety, 2 walks and 7 strikeouts make you feel much better about using him as a starter. He would have been better off if Cito pulled him after the 6th inning. He gave up a couple of hits and Jeremy Accardo came in. Accardo was lucky to get out of the inning. Accardo gave up 3 singles and a deep fly out that we were lucky Jose Bautista caught and then a hard fought strikeout to end the inning. Scott Downs got through a scoreless inning and Jason Frasor pitched a perfect 9th for the save. 

We should have scored more off Nate Robertson, who gave up 6 hits and 5 walks before leaving the game with Crappy Pitching Disease. In a heck of a smart move by Tigers manager Jim Leyland, Robertson was getting shelled in the 4th inning. Leyland didn't have time to get someone up throwing in the pen, so he sends the trainer out to tell Robinson he is injured and needs to come out of the game. Then the reliever can warm as long as he needs. It didn't do that much good, we got 3 runs off Armando Galarraga

We got 12 hits, including 2 homers and 8 walks, so we should have scored more, but then it is hard to score when you have a few automatic outs in the lineup. Bluebird Banter mascot, Kevin Millar, had a terrible 0 for 4, though he did take a walk. I said this during the thread but will say it again. If I could ask Cito one thing, I'd ask "what could Kevin Millar do to get you to keep him out of the lineup?" It is way beyond ridiculous now. 

Rod Barajas had a solo homer and Randy Ruiz had a 2 run shot and a infield single. Aaron Hill had the softest 4 hits you will ever see, three bloop singles, falling between the infielder and the outfielder and a ground single that just missed the pitcher's glove. Marco Scutaro took 3 walks. Vernon Wells was 2 for 3, with a walk and 2 RBI. Even Edwin Encarnacion had 2 hits.

Jays of the Day are Tallet (.220 WPA), Vernon Wells (.189), Adam Lind (.136) and Jason Frasor (.097). Honorable mention to Ruiz. Jamie Campbell made a big deal about how all is homers were solo shots. Jamie, when you bat behind guys that can't get on base it is hard to do anything else. Suckage Jay? Oh take a guess. Yep, Millar gets yet another Millar award. I'd like to say 'collect 10 and win your release from the team but he is well over 10. 

The bad news tonight was that Adam Lind was hit in the leg by a pitch and left the game after the defensive half of the inning. I hope he is ok. We had fun in the game thread today. Winning is better than losing. And we have won 5 of our last 8 games. Yeah I know it isn't much but we'll take small victories where we can get them. 

Tomorrow night Scott Richmond goes against Edwin Jackson

Oh and congratulations to Derek Jeter for passing Lou Gehrig for most hits by a Yankee. Any time you pass Lou Gehrig in anything, you know you have an accomplishment.