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Aaron Hill Homer in the Ninth Wins it for Jays Over Tigers

Blue Jays 8 Tigers 6

This is how we played in April. The game was great fun, and it gives us 3 wins in a row and 6 in the last 9 games. We had 4 home runs, one each from Rod Barajas, Vernon Wells, Marco Scutaro and Aaron Hill, who hit the game winner in the top of the 9th, getting his 95th and 96th RBIs of the season. Wells also scored the tying run, using his legs. He beat out an infield single, moved to second on Lyle Overbay's walk. Tagged up on a foul popup near the stands on the first base side. And scored on a wild pitch. He had a great game, going 3 for 4 with a walk. He also made 3 very nice catches in CF, he really does seem to be running much better in the field lately. 

Scoot and Barajas had great games too, both going 2 for 4 and Lyle Overbay took a couple of walks. The only guys in the lineup not to get on base were Edwin Encarnacion and Travis Snider. I wish Cito would use Snider everyday, seems like he needs to play to get into a groove. I don't understand the point of sitting him anyway, but let's give the guy a chance to get comfortable. 

Scott Richmond didn't look good, he gave up 3 homers, 4 walks and 6 earned in 4.1 innings. He does need to find a way to get lefties out. Our bullpen was terrific, yet again, for the 4.2 innings they pitched. One of the 'Cito drives me crazy' things is his use of the pen. Jesse Carlson pitched 1.2 innings, allowing only 1 walk, but he seems to pitch in every game. Yeah he hasn't given up a run (actually has only given up one hit) this month, but over working him is a good way to cause troubles later. I thought over working him was why he wasn't effective in May and June. Brandon League, Scott Downs and Jason Frasor were also great today, but again, why does League have to pitch 2 innings in September when we have extra arms in the pen. Well I guess because Cito only trusts those 4. He will only use guys he trusts and he pitches them until their arms fall off. 

I have to mention one other moment in the game. In the 5th, Joe Inglett, singled, then stole 2nd and then scored on a soft fly ball single that he made a quick decision that the ball would fall and sprinted home on a play that any other Jay would have been happy to get to 3rd base. It is nice to see him play again, I hope he's with the team next year.

Jays of the Day are Hill (.319 WPA), Scoot (.240), Barajas (.190), Vernon (.170), League (.156) and Overbay (.106). Honorable mention to Downs, Carlson and Frasor. Suckage Jays are Richmond (-.427), Snider (-.155) and Ruiz (-.152). 

Tomorrow the Jays go for 4 wins in a row in a battle of Rookie of the Year candidates, Ricky Romero (12-7, 4.14) against Rick Porcello (12-8, 4.26). If my memory is right they faced each other in the first series of the season with Romero coming out on top. I hope that happens again. 

I missed a story from yesterday's game. A young boy ran on the field yesterday to retrieve a ball from the pitchers mound