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Bob Elliot on Red Sox offer for Halladay

It is going to be talked about, let's put it up here:

"I have zero idea why they didn't take the Boston offer," said a National League scout this week. "The Red Sox offered Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Daniel Bard, Michael Bowden, Felix Doubront and Nick Hagadone.

A couple of things strike me as strange about it. A 'National League scout' said this? Why would a scout from the other league know about this? Scouts generally aren't in on trades, obviously their opinion would be asked about players offered in a trade but he wouldn't be in on a trade. And he's apparently a scout in the other league. If the offer was so well known that scouts from teams that weren't involved in the trade know about it, we'd have heard this before. That's a pretty big circle for it not to get out until now.

But you never know.

Update...The Daily Dish added this to their post on this story:

UPDATE - Retracted Edition - Red Sox GM Theo Epstein said there was no truth to the report that the Red Sox offered six pitchers for the Blue Jays ace. The proposal did seem a little out of character for the Red Sox front office, who take a lot of pride in their young prospects. 

OK, I think someone was just trying to make JP look bad. I would think there are enough things you can get on him for without having to make up stuff.