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Marco Scutaro Boots Away Game.

Blue Jays 5 Tigers 6 (10 innings)

Marco Scutaro's defense has been great this season, he's only made 10 errors all season. The unfortunate thing is that 2 of those errors came tonight, one in the 9th and one in the 10th and they cost us the game. The first one was likely a bad bounce. The 2nd one though, in the 10th inning wasn't a tough play and a catch and throw to first would have gotten us out of the inning. Scoot's had an amazing season so I guess we'll forgive for this.

There is one guy I'm not going to forgive. First base umpire Mark Wegner cost us, making 2 just completely awful calls. In the 5th inning Edwin Encarnacion made a terrific play, with a diving stop and then throwing across the infield to get the runner, Gerald Laird by a good bit, but Wegner called him safe. Of course, he came around to score later in the inning. 

Then in the top of the 6th, Vernon Wells singled. Justin Verlander threw over to first, not his best move, and Vernon came back to the bag, not in an big hurry but was easily back in time. But Wegner called him out. Vernon, was a little ummmm upset but the first word out of his month, he was thrown out of the game. I've rarely seen a player thrown out so quick. One, it was a dreadful call and two, players are normally allowed to ask about a call. 

I know Cito is mild mannered, but this is a spot where he has to himself thrown out. It was just too idiotic to let it go with just a few calm words. The bad call looked even worse after Encarnacion hit a homer, which could have been a 2 run shot had Vernon still been on base. Of course, you never know if Edwin would have gotten the same pitch had things gone the way they should have, but still......

Anyway David Purcey pitched quite well, he did have a rough first inning, giving up a lead off homer. He walked the next two guys. And then got out of the inning, giving up just the one run. He got a little help in the 2nd inning, after walking the first guy, the Tigers tried a bunt, popped it up and Purcey caught it and turned it into a DP. Why you would bunt when the guy just walked one and walked two in the first inning. But I'm glad they did. 

Our pen did well until Frasor came in in the 9th with a 3 run lead. The error by Scoot hurt. But after it he gave up a single and then the game tying, 3 run homer to Aubrey Huff. Without the error...well you never know. Brian Wolfe came in the 10th, got a strikeout, walked two, then got the double play ball he needed. But Scoot didn't catch the throw from Overbay and that was the game.

The trouble with using your best relievers every game is that sooner or later they will tire and have a bad game. Tonight Frasor had that bad game. But he might been good enough without the error. 

Other good parts of the game: Lind hit his 29 homer, a 3 run shot that got him his 100th RBI. Hill, Wells, Encarnacion and Scoot had 2 hits. Travis Snider hit a nice double down the right field line. Camp, Carlson, League and Downs pitched very well. And Kyle Phillips got his first major league hit. 

Jay of the Day is Adam Lind (.147 WPA). Suckage Bautista (-.137). Wolfe (-.357) and Frasor (-.456) had suckage numbers but then they needed Scoot's help to get the numbers. Scoot really deserves the award today.

Tomorrow we start three games against the Yankees. Doc (14-9, 3-03) goes against Sergio Mitre (3-2, 7.02). We thumped Mitre last week, hope we can do it again.