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Two Homers For Travis Snider, a Fight and the Jays Beat the Yankees, That One Had Everything

Blue Jays 10 Yankees 4

Boy that was a long game. The interesting part first: In the top of the 8th inning Aaron Hill was hit with a pitch, before that Encarnacion was hit with a pitch. Likely neither was intentional, but the Jays have been hit a ton lately. And you'll likely remember the Yankees hit Randy Ruiz in the face their last series together. Jays have been hit something like 15 times so far this month. In the bottom of the inning Jesse Carlson threw behind Jorge Posada. Posada wasn't happy. I'm not a big fan of hitting one of them because they hit one of yours but we've been hit so much lately it really was time someone stood up for our hitters.

Anyway, Posada walked and came around to score. After he scored he brushed past Carlson. He was ejected right there and then. But he came running back at Carlson and the benches emptied. They fought for quite a while. Even Cito almost took a swing at someone.  Carlson came out of it with a large bump on his head. I'd imagine there will be suspensions. Posada for sure. Carlson maybe. I'll admit I admire Carlson more after this. Posada, not so much. Posada has been playing for years, he knows what was going on and he didn't get hit. He knew Hill got hit in the ribs. Maybe he could act like a veteran. Maybe.

Apparently, according to Jordan Bastian, writers following the Yankees say that John MacDonald punched Yankee manager Joe Girardi. I kind of doubt it, but Girardi looked to have the start of a shiner.  

Other than that? Roy Halladay wasn't great. He pitch 6 innings, gave up 11 hits, but only 2 earned runs, striking out 6. He was helped by a heck of a throw by Jose Bautista from RF, gunning down ARod. I'm not a fan of Bautista but he has the best arm I've seen in the outfield since Jesse Barfield. Carlson came after Doc, because, well he pitches in every game the Jays lead in. And he pitched 1.2 innings. He would have gone longer but he was ejected in the mess. Jeremy Accardo came after the mess and walked the batter he faced. Then Scoot Downs finished off the inning. Brandon League pitched the 9th because we were only up by 7 and he hadn't pitched since yesterday. 

Offensively, we were great: 13 hits and 5 homers. Travis Snider showed why he's called Moonraker by hitting 2 massive homers. He also struck out his last 3 times up. Edwin Encarnacion had one, after hitting one yesterday, Adam Lind had one that just went out and Jose Bautista hit one in the 9th. Everyone in the lineup had at least one hit except for Hill, who took one for the team.

Jays of the Day are Snider (.243 WPA) and Encarnacion (.122). I'm going to give one to Cy for sticking up for his team and Rod Barajas for sticking up for his pitcher. At one point I'm sure I could read Rod's lips saying 'that ****** ran at my pitcher". Honorable mention to Doc and Lind. No Suckage Jays, Hill came closest at -.075.

I know I should be above this but I'm glad the Jays stuck up for themselves. Tomorrow Brian Tallet (7-9, 5.26) goes against  Chad Gaudin (5-10, 4.81). I'm relatively sure there won't be fights again tomorrow but then I wouldn't be surprised if Brian Tallet would stand up for the team too. If I'm the Yankee's manager I sit Posada tomorrow. If I'm Cito, I tell Carlson to stay at the hotel. Knowing the two of them I wouldn't be surprised if Cy pitched to Posada tomorrow.