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Scott Richmond and Jays Thumped by Rays

Blue Jays 4 Rays 11

There isn't much to say about that one, it was terrible. Scott Richmond was awful. Brian Wolfe came in and if possible was even worse. The only good news for the pitching was that Dirk Hayhurst pitched 3 good innings. Josh Roenicke gave up 3 runs over the last 2 innings as well.

Offensively, we did get 10 hits. Jose Bautista, Adam Lind and Vernon Wells had 2 each. Vernon is now hitting .355 for the month of September. Hopefully it carries over to next season. Adam Lind drove in his 104th run. 41 more and he can tie Carlos Delgado's single season team RBI record. Nah it ain't happening.

No Jay of the Day today, though honorable mention goes to Vernon. Richmond (-.340) and Wolfe (-.146) get the Suckage awards. 

Tomorrow night Ricky Romero (12-8, 4.22) goes against Matt Garza (7-10, 3.84). It can't be worse than tonight's game. Unfortunately (well unless the game is like tonight's) I'm out tomorrow and will miss most of the game.

There was a Randy Ruiz sighting tonight, he came into the game in the 6th for Lyle Overbay and struck out in his one at bat. I'm not sure why Cito has stopped using him. You would think he'd want to get him a few more at bats just to see what he'd do. But no.