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Things I don't understand

Sometimes I really don't understand our organization. It is September, and we are out of the race. One would think it would be time to look at guys. And we call up three players? So many things we are doing make no sense in any way. What could we do?

Kevin Millar amazes me. Now I understand that Cito likes veterans. Well, change that. I know that Cito likes veterans, I do not understand it. Cito says he manages the way he wishes he was managed. He would have liked the manager to put him in the lineup every day. But Cito had one really good season, as a player. The other seasons he really did not deserve to play everyday. Cito seems to feel that if you are a veteran, it really does not matter if you are playing well, you should play. Sort of like it is a union card, once you get the card, you play. I hate it.

But what really gets me is that JP Riccardi has not  released Millar. There is no way this guy should play in September. He is not going to be with the team next year (please, I am wrong often, but let me not be wrong here). If I am JP and Cito is driving me nuts by playing Millar, I release him. He will not be here next year, get rid of him now. Stop the manager from playing him by removing him. 

Cito did not have Randy Ruiz play at all yesterday. Yeah he has had a few bad at bats, if he has 150 more bad at bats he'd be Millar. The other half I really don't understand is why we didn't call up Brian Dopirak. I don't really think he is the second coming either but he could be with the team next year. And there is no way he would be worse than Millar. 

Another one I don't understand is why we didn't call up a third baseman. We know exactly what Jose Bautista and John McDonald can do. Why not bring up Kevin Howard and have him play for a month. He is not a prospect but he did get on base at a .395 rate, with a .539 slugging at Vegas. We've proven Bautista can't hit RH pitching. No one is going to mistake McDonald as a 3B. Try someone. It can't hurt. Don't like Howard, bring up Howie Clark.

And why didn't we call up someone that could play CF? As it sits now, Vernon has to play every game and every inning. What we have to back him up could only be used in an emergency. Why didn't we call up Buck Coats or Aaron Mathews? Just to spell Vernon for the odd day and give us someone that could play defense in the other outfield spots. We are going to need a fourth outfielder next year. why not look at a couple.

An extra catcher would be good, lets look at Kyle Phillips for a couple of games. Why not? We know exactly what Barajas will give us next year. 15 homers, an on base around .270, a couple of hot streaks that torture you when you suffer through the long cold spells. Why not see a couple of games from someone else?

Angel Sanchez would be fun to have so we could spell Scutaro 4 or 5 time in the last month. I'd like the Jays to sign Macro this winter, but we will need a back up infielder next year. It is time to have someone other than John McDonald for that spot. I'm sure Angel could do the occasion pinch running that John did this year, for less money.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what Jeremy Accardo did, spit at Doc or kicked Cito in the groin, but let's give him a break. I guess they are punishing him for something but let's say they have proved their point and let him back. 

We have to call up a couple of starting pitchers to fill in for Cecil and Rzep, I am hoping Purcey and Castro get the starts. But you never know. 

The Jays say there are going to call up more players after the Vegas season ends. I don't understand why they should wait. Vegas isn't in playoffs and they have had their last home stand. Let a few guys enjoy some nice hotel rooms and plane rides instead of best trips. 

Anyway, if you can explain why the Jays aren't making these moves, go ahead.