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Why can't we beat the Rays?

Blue Jays 0 Rays 4

We were on a pretty good little run and then we go to Tampa Bay, I don't know why we can't play there but it seems to be the way life is. Well....I guess I do know part of way we did so poorly today. You know, I'm like everyone else, I love watching John McDonald play short, but his bat clearly can't carry even his SS glove. But he has roughly as much business playing LF as I do. None. How many plays were made in LF today? Enough that having Mac out there makes any sense at all? Of course not.  The reason why he could play short is that short is the most important defensive position on the field (well not quite, pitcher is, but you understand). The least important position? LF. The worst bat on the team should never play that spot. 

And, Bautista has a wonderful arm, but that shouldn't be enough to get him starts in the OF against right handed pitchers. Yes Vernon should get days off, but couldn't we have called up a real outfielder to spell him, or spell him against a lefty to let Bautista play against someone he might be able to hit. 

Anyway, tonight, Ricky Romero had a bad first inning, but after that pitched well. It didn't matter, the 4 runs the Rays scored in the first innings was more than the number of hits the Jays had today. We could only get 3 hits off Matt Garza and 3 relievers. We did take 6 walks but we struck out 12 times. 

Yet again we had no Jays of the day. Ricky Romero gets the Suckage award.

Tomorrow Roy Halladay (15-9, 3.03) goes against David Price (8-7, 4.60). Please Cito use Ruiz. Please. 1:30 Eastern start on it tomorrow. After being busy the last couple of nights, I'm planing on watching Doc tomorrow. Who knows how many more times we are going to get to watch him in a Jays uniform.