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Of Brawls and Baseball

After the brawl, we were told that that was the thing that the team need. It would bring the players together, build team chemistry. We were told the team would play better  for the last couple of weeks of the season. Well, we went into the 'brawl' game on a good little run and we haven't won a game since. I guess it is time to forget all those things taught in Sport Journalism 101.

Don't get me wrong I think Jesse Carlson did a good thing by showing other teams they couldn't keep using the Jays for target practice and the brawl just put an exclamation mark on it, not that I think the Jays will go the rest of the through the season without being hit, but it seemed we were getting hit too often.

Thinking a brawl will make a team play better is sort of like believing in the tooth fairy or momentum or that having someone on the team that is 'good in the clubhouse' will help a team win on the field. There isn't a magic something that will turn a team into a winning team. Unless you consider talent and playing good baseball is magic. 

TV commentators can talk endlessly on 'chemistry' but the only chemistry many  of the great teams in the past have had was that they all hated each other. Or they will talk about 'team identity' which seems to be something that they will decide that a team has after they win. Good players give a team identity, I suppose, what ever that might be. 

Anyway, maybe we can get past thinking things like this will turn a team around now.

On a similar point, Richard Griffin drives me crazy:

Talking about the brawl Griffin asks Roy Halladay about his part in it:

"I missed it," Roy Halladay said when asked whether he made it out of the clubhouse for the main event. "I was scrambling to get ready. It’s a shame but I think those are the types of things that could be avoided."

On a personal note, I disagree with Halladay. I think if he had a bit if a mean streak it would complete him as the best pitcher in baseball.

So Halladay would be a better player if he participated in brawls. Richard, did you notice that the player was the most into the fight, other than the 3 that were in the epicenter of things, was Shelly Duncan, who no one will mistake as a great player.

It always amazes me when writers decide they know how to make great players better. Doc hit 12 batters last year, a pretty fair number, yeah he's only hit 4 so far this year but he's got pretty decent control, he can make his point without hitting someone. 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that no one, other than Griffin, would want Doc to risk that arm in a scrum.

Just a reminder:

Just want to remind folks that we are trying to keep the language PG around here. We've likened the site to sitting in our living room, don't say anything you wouldn't say on our couch. 

I'm seeing more comments lately with people deciding that if they disagree with something Cito has done or JP or another poster has said, call that person stupid or some equivalent. Now folks, disagree all you want but keep away from making it personal. I disagree with Cito often, that doesn't mean I think he isn't smart. That means I disagree. Smart people can disagree.

There is one particular term that's been used a lot lately, retarded. I know when I was a kid this as a pretty common insult but I think it's a term that shouldn't be seen on this board. Comments using this will be deleted.

Folks, calling someone else stupid doesn't make your argument stronger. 

John McDonald is Chuck Norris' Cooler Cousin:

funny piece from the Good Point