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Why Cito drives us crazy, Part 75

A little quote from a story:

Designated hitter/first baseman Randy Ruiz was out of the starting lineup for the eighth time in the past 10 games on Wednesday night. Jays manager Cito Gaston said a main reason is that outfielder Adam Lind has spent more time at DH of late after being hit by a pitch earlier this month. To date, Ruiz has made 25 starts at DH and one at first base for Toronto. The 31-year-old has noted that he is trying to work on playing the outfield, but Gaston was not sure that was realistic. "I'm not hearing too good of stuff about that," Gaston said. "I haven't seen him play out there, but I asked a few guys and they said, 'Yeah, I don't know.' So we'll see."

First of all, Cito, you are telling us that you can't take a moment and watch Randy shag flies yourself? You are the manager, take a couple of minutes during batting practice, find a seat somewhere you can see what's happening and watch Ruiz yourself. Taking the word of "a few guys saying 'Yeah, I don't know' " really doesn't seem like you are all that interested in your team. Yeah I can't imagine him in the outfield either but he runs better than you would think.

Second, if you can't play him at DH, because Lind's there and we'd hate to take Bautista out of the outfield for a game or two, that .230 average being too important for a team that's in fourth, play him at first base. I like Lyle and all, but we know what we have with him and what we have isn't terrific. It is September, we are out of is, let's try Ruiz at the position. Worst that can happen? We lose our last ten games and finish fourth. Best that can happen? We win our last ten games and finish fourth. It might just be me, but the one game Ruiz played at first base, he looked ok to me. It was just one game but he couldn't be worse than Millar at the position.

Yeah, I do understand that Ruiz is 6 years too old to be a prospect, but you refused to call up anyone that might be a prospect so throw us a small bone. Millar isn't going to be here next year, Ruiz could fill that spot in the roster and at very worst be better than Millar was. 

Cito, PLAY THE GUY, please.