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Cheer Down: Seattle 5, Jays 4

Jays lost a close one tonight when their late inning rallying fell short

On the Mound:  Ricky Romero pitched a decent game, going 6 1/3 innings, striking out 5, but walking 3(not including a HBP)  and giving up 9 hits, including a 2-run Franklin Guitierrez HR in the third.  Good enough to win, really, but it didn't work out that way

At the PlateVernon Wells showed his lack of fortitude with 4 RBI including a three run home run in the 6th and RBI single in the 8th.  Frankly, I was disgusted to see him even trying, much less succeeding, in such a low-pressure situation. Against Felix Hernandez,  no less.   It was Wells' 15th big fly of the season. Aaron Hill added 2 doubles, J-Mac scratched out two base hits, and that was mostly it for Jays offense.

From the PenShawn Camp pitched a good 2/3 of an inning, but neither Jesse Carlson nor Jeremy Accardo was effective after that.  Carlson ended up the loser after giving up a 2-run triple to Jack Wilson

In the field:  The Jays' fielders were busy with Ricky Romero inducing 12 ground balls to just 4 in the air - the infielders combined for 4 double plays which were instrumental in keeping the Jays in the game. 

Wells, Hill, and Camp take home Jays of the Day, while Carlson earns the Batista.  Too many Hinskes to count today.