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Roy Halladay Pitches Great Game, Jays Beat Mariners.

Mariners 0 Blue Jays 5

Anytime anyone tries to tell you Roy Halladay isn't the best pitcher in baseball, remember this game. Complete game shutout, 9 strikeouts, no walks, 7 hits. He threw 114 pitches, 81 of them were strikes. It is great watching him, he throws quick and keeps the game moving. The game was finished in 2 hours and 11 minutes. You have to like that. 

Offensively, Aaron Hill hit a 2 run homer in the 6th and that was all we needed. But we got 2 more in the 7th when Jose Bautista drove in Travis Snider and John McDonald. And one more in the 8th when Edwin Encarnacion scored on a Lyle Overbay double. We had 9 hits, 2 for Bautista and 1 each for everyone else except Adam Lind. Since Lind's been so good, we will excuse him for that, but his average has dropped under .300. Even Rod Barajas had a hit, finally, after an 0 for 20 run. 

Jays of the Day? Doc, of course, (.468 WPA) and Aaron Hill (.212). Bautista deserves honorable mention. No Suckage Jays today. Moonraker came closest at -.091. 

Tomorrow David Purcey (1-2, 5.31) goes up against the M's and Ian Snell (7-10, 5.03). It is a 1:00 Eastern start. We had a lot of fun in the game thread today so join us tomorrow if you are watching the game. Maybe Cito, could we give Ruiz a start. Just to remind us he is on the team?

During the post game interview, Kevin Millar tried to get Doc with shaving cream, but Doc saw it coming and ran and we all know Millar can't hit a moving target (yeah I know, cheap shot). 

There are rumors all over that Pat Gillick will be named team president. If that's true, I'll bet you they will spend some money on players. Gillick has never been shy to spend money. It is a fun rumor, but with the internet it could be just one person's idle suggestion that gets picked up all over. We will see.