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This come from behind stuff is great, why couldn't we do this earlier in the season?

Mariners 4 Blue Jays 5

I don't understand why we would pinch hit for Randy Ruiz today when we wouldn't pinch hit for Chavez, McDonald or Bautista the other day, but it worked out. Adam Lind comes in the 8th to hit for Ruiz and singles in the tying run. Rod Barajas follows that with a doulbe to bring in the winning run.

Brian Tallet pitched us 7 strong innings, giving up 5 hits, 2 walks and striking out 6. Actually 6 strong innings and one poor one, he gave up 3 solo homers in the 5th. Brian Wolfe came in in the 8th and gave up another solo homer but got the win, since we came back o his watch. Shawn Camp pitched the 9th to get his first save of the season.

We got 9 hits on the day, 2 for Bautista, one each for everyone else that swung a bat except for Aaron Hill and Edwin Encarnacion. Even Kevin Millar had a hit, though if you watch the replay it went through SS Josh Wilson. I'd have called it an error.  

Jays of the Day are Lind (.298 WPA, nice when you can be JoD with one swing of the bat), Barajas (.205), Camp (.168) and Bautista (.116). Suckage Jays are Encarnacion (-.210) and Vernon Wells (-.140).

We start a 3 game series in Boston tomorrow with Scott Richmond (7-10, 5.32) going against Josh Beckett (16-6, 3.78). 

The Jays finish the season 44-37 at home, unfortunately they made us play on the road too.