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Jay Win Rain Shortened Game

Blue Jays 11 Red Sox 5 (7 innings)

Rain shortened games are nice to win. It wasn't really fair, we beat on a guy that wasn't supposed to start the game, but we will take it. Josh Beckett was scratched from the start because of back spasms. Michael Bowden started and we ought to sign him to throw batting practice because he everyone seemed to hit him hard. He only lasted 3 innings and we got 7 runs off him.

Aaron Hill, Rod Barajas and Jose Bautista each hit homers.  Lyle Overbay was 3 for 4 and drove in 3. Everyone in the line up had at least one hit except for Travis Snider but he did get hit by pitch.  Edwin Encarnacion scored 3 times but left the game in the bottom of the fifth which allowed us the treat of seeing Kevin Millar playing 3rd for a couple of innings. Why a team in September wouldn't have a better choice than that to fill in there is a problem.

Scott Richmond pitched 6 innings, gave up 6 hits, walked 2, but have up 3 homers and 4 runs. Not a great start  but good enough today. 

Jays of the Day are Barajas (.178 WPA) and Overbay (.112). Honorable mention to Vernon Wells, Hill and Encarnacion. No Suckage Jays today but Casey Janssen was building towards it before the rains came. He gave up two walks and a double before they called it.

Tomorrow Ricky Romero (12-9, 4.38) starts for us while Clay Buchholz (7-3, 3.21) goes for Boston.