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So maybe Gillick isn't the next team president....

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Buster Olney had this yesterday:

Pat Gillick, the architect of championship teams in Toronto and Philadelphia, said Monday that he isn't interested in a return to the Blue Jays, but he would not rule out the possibility of overseeing baseball operations for another team some day in the future.

It is one of those one that it is tough to know who to believe, he goes on to say:

"I think it's just natural that that rumor goes around, because of my connection [with the Blue Jays] and because I'm not fully employed," said Gillick. "There's no truth to it at all. I don't have any interest at this point."

Gillick was asked if he would ever consider running the baseball operations for another club. "I can't say that I wouldn't," Gillick said. "If it was the right situation, I might do something on the West Coast."

So maybe it isn't Gillick. I still have the feeling the new team president has been chosen but we won't know until it is announced. JP Riccardi is sounding more and more like a guy who knows he is gone and I wouldn't think they'd hire a new GM unless they had a new president first. It just doesn't make sense to me. 

I really hope something is in the works. At least something that would give us the impression that we will get out of this aimlessness that seems to be the team at the moment. Kevin Millar wearing a third basemen's glove in September should be a sign of the apocalypse or at very least a sign that the team management should be changed. 40 man rosters and we don't have a backup at third or shortstop and Jose Bautista is an everyday player.

Anyway, I wish I had read that about Gillick before I answered these questions for