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Adam Lind Hits Three Homers, Jays Beat Red Sox

Blue Jays 8 Red Sox 7

That was just a terrific game to watch, it had everything you could want. 

We gotta talk about Kevin Millar, I have a rant coming about how a team could have to use Millar at third base in September, but we will save it for tomorrow. Millar had a terrific game. He was 3 for 4 at the plate, with a homer and a double. His last time up he needed a triple for the cycle, but knowing that it would cause a tear in the fabric of reality if he did it, to save the universe,he popped out. 

Defensively, he made all the plays, including turning a double play at second base when the Jays had the shift on for David Ortiz, jumping over (if you can call it that) the runner coming into second. He also started a double play from third. Kevin we've (ok, I've) taken a lot of shots at you this year, and I don't apologize for any of them, but today I raise a glass to you. 

I don't suppose you all have noticed this but Adam Lind is a heck of a player. His first two homers tonight were massive shots to center, the third he got smart and pulled it down the line hitting the Pesky Pole. His 3 tonight gives him 35 on the season and 114 RBI. When he came up in the 9th, with a chance at a fourth, Jonathan Papelbon hit him in the elbow with the first pitch of the at bat. I don't think he was trying to hit Lind but he was clearly trying to push him off the plate. Cito made the point with the plate umpire that he hit a guy that had 3 homers on the night. Papelbon appeared to apologize to Lind at the end of the inning. I hope Lind can play tomorrow.

Jose Bautista started off the game right, taking the first pitch over the Green Monster and Aaron Hill hit his 36th homer of the year. We hit 6 home runs today after 3 yesterday in a short game. The Red Sox must be worried about their pitching going into the playoffs. 

Ricky Romero pitched pretty well tonight, going 5 innings, allowing 7 hits but just 1 walk and 2 earned. He did throw too many pitches, but then the Red Sox are a good team and he only gave up 2 runs. Brandon League and Jesse Carlson each pitched a good inning. And then Shawn Camp came in the game. He was awful and Cito left him in too long, finally pulling him after J.D. Drew hit a 3 run homer to make it a 1 run game. Fortunately Jason Frasor got a tough 4 out save. Frasor is going to be a personal favorite for the rest of his career for me, half because he saved me from throwing my laptop across the room. Frasor held up well to the pressure of all those loud Red Sox fans and he struck out Kevin Youkilis with the tying run on second. 

Jays of the Day are Frasor (.243), Lind (.194) and Millar (.098, who'd have thought he'd get another JoD this season?) Honorable mention to Hill, Romero and Bautista (leadoff first pitch homer and a nice sliding catch). Suckage Jay is Shawn Camp (-.182).

That was a really fun game and we got to put off the Red Sox playoff celebration for a little bit. Yes I'm pissed off at Cito for leaving Camp in too long and I'm more pissed off at JP for having a team that has no replacements on the bench in September. What would have happened if Johnny Mac or Hill had twisted an ankle tonight? Or Wells or Bautista? But let's enjoy the game tonight and rant tomorrow. 

Tomorrow the Jays go for the sweep against Tim Wakefield (11-4, 4.33). Roy Halladay (16-10, 2.90) starts for us. Edwin Encarnacion is out with a groin injury. The Red Sox called up a player just today, you would think the Jays, with no replacement players, would, you know, call someone up too. You would think.