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Contest Time

One more day for the contest, if you haven't put of a limerick. Or if you want to put up a second one.  We'll vote soon. 

Life hasn't been that much fun in for Jay's fans lately, so I thought we'd try a little contest. We are going to have a limerick contest. So rules are come up with a limerick that says something about the Jay's season. We'll have a vote on the best one and the winner gets nothing. except for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being the poet laureate for Bluebird Banter.

Now there are a couple of rules. Mostly it has to be clean. I know clean limericks aren't as much fun, but that's rules here. Thank goodness the Jays don't have a farm team in Nantucket. And make it relate somewhat towards to Jay season, nothing to nasty but have fun with it. Deadline for getting your limerick in is one week from today, September 10 Put your entry into the comments and we'll vote in a week.