Jays could break ugly 1980 record...

Coming into this season, most of us projected the Blue Jays to have a solid year, especially after finishing strong last year under the guidance of Cito Gaston, who took over half way through the season for John Gibbons.

But despite the overwhelming predictions that New York, Boston and Tampa Bay were going to be the main contenders of the American League East, the Blue Jays were the ones opening people's eyes early on, playing the best baseball of the three and occupying the American League East for the most part over a month.

It's been a straight downhill slide since then, which has brought this club all the way down to a frigid 25.5 games back of first place as of September 04. As frustrating as it has been to see this club collapse, before it's all said and done it could still reach "uglier" proportions.

With over a month still left to play, there's a good possibility we are going to break 33.5 games back of first placement of 2004.

But what would be a major blow to this organization, certainly have to be finishing beyond 36 games back of first place at season's end.

This would break the record of the 1980 Blue Jays who concluded the 1980 campaign 36 games back of first in the American League East final standings...

Let's keep our fingers crossed this does not happen...

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