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Bad Night for Ricky Romero, Jays lose to Yankees

Yankees 10 Blue Jays 5

Ricky Romero didn't have a good time tonight. He gave up 6 hits (all singles) and 6 walks in 4.1. He had 7 strikeouts too but it wasn't good. He had some bad luck on ground ball singles. The strike zone seemed a bit small at times and Romero wasn't happy with it. Travis Snider made a bad error in right, that didn't help.

He did seem to have trouble getting up 0-2 and then trying to pick the corners. Rance Mulliniks course drove me nuts doing 3 minutes on 'when he gets up 0-2 he's got to finish off the batter'. Then when he got up 0-2 on ARod and he hit the next pitch and Rance does 5 minutes on 'you have to try to get them to chase when you are up 0-2'. That ARod hit a ground ball just out of Marco Scutaro's reach that would have been a double play, just added to it. Rance seems to think the pitcher can aim the ground ball he is trying to get. 

Brandon League and Shawn Camp pitched well in relief, but Jason Frasor had a very rough 9th giving up 2 walks and 2 homers. 

Offensively we didn't do much either, only getting 6 hits, 3 (2 doubles) of them by Raul Chavez. I am not against him getting more playing time so we can see if can play more. He's hitting .271 at the moment. Pretty decent. Travis Snider had 2 hits and Aaron Hill had the other. Nice to see Travis get on track. 

Tomorrow Doc goes against CC Sabathia whoops I had it wrong, Joba Chamberlain starts for the Yankees, in the new Joba rules world, where the Yankees are trying to keep his innings down to a reasonable number. So we will see a lot of the Yankee bullpen tomorrow. Smart of the Yankees to be careful with his arm. I hope Doc is back to being Doc.