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Great Game by Roy Halladay, Jays Sweep Red Sox

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Blue Jays 12 Red Sox 0

Even thought it was against what basically was the Red Sox Triple-A team, it was still nice to see Roy Halladay pitch so well and the team get a sweep in Boston. That was complete game number 9 for Doc to equal last year and it was his 17th win. He ends the season with a 2.79 ERA (one tick above last year's 2.78, he's obviously declining), in 239 innings, 7 less than last year and he had one less start. Also his 4th shutout, double last season. And he's finishes the year with 208 strikeouts, 2 more than last year. Yeah he is good. We thought before the game, that considering the line up he was facing, that tonight he had a shot at a no-hitter, but a shutout is good enough. 

Doc also hit David Ortiz with a pitch, sort of evening things up for Papelbon hitting Adam Lind last night. Who says he doesn't have a mean streak? I'm not really all for tit for tat stuff for with hit batters but in this case it was right thing to do. You hit our guy when he's had 3 homers, then you are asking for one of your guys to get hit. But, as my son pointed out, with only two able bodies on the bench, taking the chance of starting a brawl might not have turned out well. I am sort of curious to see what would happen if we needed a shortstop or second basemen. 

Offensively we beat up on Tim Wakefield and half a dozen Red Sox relievers, including 4th string catcher Dusty Brown, who threw a one run 9th, striking Randy Ruiz out to end the game. But before that strikeout we had 17 hits, 7 walks, 4 homers and 12 runs.

Other than the K to end the game, Randy had 4 hits, 2 homers, a double and a single, 4 runs and 2 RBI, another great game for him. Lyle Overbay and Jose Bautista also had homers. Aaron Hill and Vernon Wells had 3 hits each. John McDonald and Travis Snider had 2 each, Moonraker hit a ball almost as deep as you possibly could with out it leaving the park, to center field for a triple. Kevin Millar didn't have the great day he did yesterday, but did have a hit and 2 walks. He didn't look quite as good in the field, but then he didn't have to. I don't know why the Sox didn't bunt at him to see if he could make the play, I would have given that a try. The only starter not to get at least one hit was Rod Barajas going 0 for 6, he had great trouble with Wakefield. 

Jays of the Day are Doc (.176 WPA), Overbay (.132), Ruiz (.107) and Hill (.094). You could give honorable mention to just about anyone else. Except Barajas who gets Suckage. 

I know we didn't see the Red Sox' top pitchers, but if I was a Sox fan I'd be worried about their playoff chances. They didn't look good in any of the 3 games of this series. Backing into the playoffs is better than missing the playoffs but it doesn't make you think they will go far. 

The Jays have tomorrow off and then finish the season with 3 games in Baltimore. Since I'm taking a weekend away from the world, this was the last game of the year that I'll get to watch, unless I get to see the odd inning of the Saturday or Sunday game, so let me say that the game threads had been great fun this season, more fun back near the start of the season when we were going well, but still fun. Thanks to everyone that have joined in the threads. Though just because I won't be there doesn't mean you shouldn't join in the last three games.