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Doc Throws a 1 Hitter Against the Yankees

Yankees 9 Jays 6

That's what you get for writing off Roy Halladay. He was as good as you'll ever see a pitcher be. 1 hit, 3 walks and 9 strikeouts. Just amazing. I know he had a couple of poor starts but all pitchers have the odd bad start. Doc became the 3rd pitcher to get to 2000 innings as a Blue Jay. Dave Stieb and Jim Clancy are the other two. It was just great watching him pitch. He's amazing when he's on, but expecting him to be on every start of a season is a little much even for Doc.

The Jays had 10 hits and 7 walks tonight. Adam Lind had 3 hits. Aaron Hill and Joe Inglett had two hits each. Marco Scutaro had his first hit in 19 at bats and 2 walks. Travis Snider walked twice. Even Vernon Wells got on 3 times, a hit, an error and being hit by pitch. We had 2 batters hit by pitch today but then the Yankee pitchers had no control at all today. 

Every Jay batter got on base except, of course, our cleanup hitter Kevin Millar. Come on Cito, I know you like veterans but this is just a disgrace to have him bat cleanup. 

We could have, maybe should have gotten more runs. We had the bases loaded 3 time. But then we scored 6 runs with Millar batting clean up and John McDonald played 3B. 

Richard Griffin's subject to rag on JP with, Eric Hinske looked awful in the outfield and was 0 for 3. He totally misplayed 2 'doubles'.

Jays of the Day are Doc (.324 WPA), Vernon Wells (.117) and Adam Lind (.107 on a 3 for 4 day). Suckage? Guess. Struck out with the bases loaded and hit into a DP. Yeah, Kevin Millar. Craig suggested that we change the name of the Suckage award to the Millar award. Works for me. 

Tomorrow is a 1:00 Eastern game. Andy Pettitte (12-6, 4.03) goes against Brett Cecil (6-3, 5.42). Cecil is getting two more starts and then he's shut down for the season. Yeah, Pettitte is a lefty. Yeah, Millar is likely going to play. Yep, I go a little grayer every time he starts. Want a little fun trivia. Tonight Millar hits cleanup, we win easy, get 6 runs. Our last win? The last time Millar hit cleanup, we scored 18 runs. See it works. 

No I'm really really tired of Millar playing and far more tired of seeing him bat cleanup, Brian Dopirak should be in Toronto. I'm also tired of McDonald at 3B when we have guys in Vegas that could play the position that we'd like to see, could be part of the team in the future. Doesn't it make sense to look at guys that could help us in the future? Not us. No no. We play guys that aren't going to be with the team next year. Even if we don't want to see what these guys can do, wouldn't it be something for the fans to watch? We know what Millar can do (sadly). We know what McDonald can do (he can't hit well enough to play short and we are playing him at third? At a time we can call up extra players?).

Shouldn't rant after a nice win, but still.