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Cito Decides if He Can't Win Why Not Chase Fans Away

Yankees 6 Blue Jays 4

I don't really want to talk about the game. Cecil was ok but pitched from behind in the count too much. Randy Ruiz hit a homer and was about a foot and a replay off of having two. The plate umpire made a terrible call at home when Bautista tried to score in fourth. 

But let's talk about Cito. Kevin Millar once again hit cleanup going 0 for 4 but only striking out twice. Sort of a victory for him. Millar is hitting a big .216 now. Why is Cito running him out there? Is he hoping the embarrassment will make Millar quit? Won't work, a guy that will wear a beard like that can't be embarrassed (sure Tom, take a shot at his looks, isn't how he'd playing enough for you). Millar along with the 0 for 4 missed catching a throw from Edwin Encarnacion on an amazing play Edwin made, diving for a ball and making a good throw. And Edwin gets the error. There is no justice in the world. Can we not try Ruiz at first or bring up Brian Dopirak, please???

Not only did Millar play, Cito sat Snider and Lind so that John McDonald could play LF. Yeah, the guy that can't hit well enough to play SS even with an amazing glove and he plays LF. To be fair Mac had a single, a bloop that fell between the second baseman and the right fielder. Cito, Snider should be playing every day and definitely not sat so Mac can play LF.

Jose Bautist did walk twice and had a triple to center but he's hitting .218, hasn't he proven he shouldn't be out there enough yet? He's ok as a bench player but let's try the other guys.

It was nice to see Encarnacion back. He walked and scored twice. 

Jay of the Day is Batista (.241 WPA). Honorable mention to Ruiz and Jesse Carlson who pitched a great 1.1 innings. Suckage is Cecil (-.195), Casey Janssen (-.109), Wells (-.187, he hit the ball hard the first two times up, Cano made an amazing play against him) and Millar (-.161). Hill came close to Suckage with his 0 for 5 day.

It would be nice to see if we have the horses to play against teams like the Yankees next year but Cito keeps sending out guys that won't be here, so it is impossible to tell.