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Jays Thump Yankees

Yankees 8 Jays 14

That was a much better lineup and a much better game, I'm not thrilled by the idea of Rod Barajas as the cleanup hitter but if it is a choice between him and Millar, I'd take him every time. It was nice to see Randy Ruiz play first base for the first time this year, for the Jays. The pitch he took in the face was a very scary thing. It was great to see him come out on the field after the game, he didn't even look swollen.

The win gave us a split of the 4 game series. Our offense was terrific today with 15 hits, 4 walks. We were helped along by 4 Yankee error.  Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit expect for Adam Lind and everyone in the starting lineup scored. Aaron Hill drove in 3 and hit is 30th double. Jamie and Pat talked about him being a 30/30 guy all day but 30/30 guy to me means 30 homers/30 steals. 30 homers/ 30 doubles isn't that much of a big deal. Most guys that hit 30 homers will get 30 doubles. Vernon Wells and Joe Inglett had 3 hits each. It is nice to see Inglett playing so well. 

Brian Tallet wasn't great but got thru 5 innings to get the win. Brian Wolfe pitched well enough until he gave up a 3 run homer but since we were up by 9 at that point it wasn't that important. Brandon League looked really good for the 4 outs he pitched and Shawn Camp finished off the game. 

It was nice to see former Jay Josh Towers pitching for the Jays Yankees, at least until he hit Ruiz in the jaw with a pitch. He pitched 3.1 good innings. Sergio Mitre was terrible in the start, I wonder if Towers will get that start next time through the rotation.

Jays of the Day are Edwin Encarnacion (.246 WPA), Travis Snider (188) and Aaron Hill (.132). Vernon Wells deserves honorable mention. Brian Tallet had Suckage numers (-.296).

Tomorrow we start a 4 game series with the Twins, Scott Richmond (6-8, 4.53) goes against Jeff Manship, making his second Major League start for the Twins. I hope we have some runs left.