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Bad First Inning Loses One for Scott Richmond

Twins 6 Blue Jays 3

We were down 5 by the time Scott Richmond got his first out and that was about all there was to this game. Not that it mattered but Richmond was very good after that. 

Offensively we didn't do all that much either. 8 hits and a homer by Jose Bautista was all we got. Nice to see Jose can still hit one, just his 4th of the season and I don't remember when the last one was. Looked it up, June 25. Adam Lind had two hits. Rod Barajas, Edwin Encarnacion, and Joe Inglett had o fors. Aaron Hill left in the fourth inning to be with his wife who had gone in to labor. I guess is fitting on Labor Day. 

We didn't have a Jay of the Day today. Hill came closest at .068 WPA even with only playing part of the game, so let's give him an honorable mention. Suckage goes to Richmond (-.339), Barajas (.159, I wish his hot streaks lasted as long as his cold ones do) and Encarnacion (-.108).

Tomorrow Ricky Romero (11-7, 4.15) goes against Brian Duensing (2-1, 3.81). Duensing is a lefty so I suppose we'll be treated to Kevin Millar in at the cleanup spot. Oh joy. 

The Yankees took both halves of a double header against the Rays today and knocked Carlos Pena out for the season. Pena broke his hand when hit by a pitch. To add insult to injury Pena wasn't given first on the play, with the umpires ruling he swung at the pitch.