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Jays Call Up Accardo, Purcey and Phillips

Continuing the 'do as little as possible' mode that the Jays are in at the moment, they have called up David Purcey, Jeremy Accardo and Kyle Phillips. They moved Shawn Marcum from the 15 to the 60 day DL to make room for Phillips on the 40 man roster. Moving Marcum doesn't cost them anything as he wasn't going to pitch this season so it doesn't matter which list he is on. Purcey will likely fill one of the open rotation spots. 

I don't know what Brian Dopirak would need to do to get a call up, there are at least half a dozen guys that could be dropped from the 40 man roster without anyone missing them. It would have been nice to see Fabio Castro get the call too. Maybe Aaron Mathews or Buck Coats so we wouldn't be treated to Jose Bautista in CF or be forced to run Vernon out there everyday. Oh well, I guess we'll have to settle for being happy for Accardo that he gets a couple more weeks of major league service time.