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9/8 Game Thread, Twins at Jays


Minnesota Twins @ Toronto Blue Jays

09/08/09 7:07 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays
Denard Span - CF Marco Scutaro - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Jose Bautista - RF
Jason Kubel - DH Adam Lind - LF
Justin Morneau - 1B Vernon Wells - CF
Michael Cuddyer - RF Randy Ruiz - DH
Brendan Harris - 3B Kevin Millar - 1B
Delmon Young - LF Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
Mike Redmond - C Raul Chavez - C
Nick Punto - 2B John McDonald - 2B

Still at work, so this'll have to be a quick one. Two young lefties go at it tonight. Rick Ro, why, he knows the game and he's gonna play it. (you're welcome for not linking to this - whoops!) He pitches for the Jays, while Brian Duensing looks to continue his quality 2009 campaign for the Twin Cities. And need you ask? Cito's never gonna give you up, Kevin Millar. He's never gonna let you down.