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Bits on a Wednesday

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Not a lot for Jay's news out there but there is some.

Adam Lind was named co-AL player of the week, sharing it with Evan Longoria.


Lind had two homers, including a grand slam, while piling up eight RBIs in the Jays' 18-10 win in Texas on Aug. 31. For the week ending Sept. 6, Lind batted .321 with nine runs, four doubles, three homers and a major-league best 12 RBIs.

Aaron Hill's a daddy.

The Toronto Blue Jays’ all-star second baseman walked and singled against the Minnesota Twins on Monday afternoon before getting word that his wife, Elizabeth, had gone into labour with their first child. Hill left after the third inning and hopped a plane to Florida. The baby was born at 10:45 p.m., manager Cito Gaston said.

Tao of Stieb ponders John McDonald's existence with the Jays and hits the nail on the head with this:

The question that you have to ask yourself when you start to go down that road is: Do you want the Jays to win? Or do you just want to be mildly entertained in the coming year?

Yesterday everyone's favorite Jay, Kevin Millarchatted with folks on It wasn't exactly hard hitting questions, obviously the moderator didn't take any of the real questions. Here is one of the questions.

raze73: How do you like Toronto so far? What do you like to do on off-days when the team is at home?

Millar: Love Toronto. Probably has the best weather in the summertime that I've been a part of. Seventy-five degrees and blue skies is hard to beat. Texas is 100 degrees and humidity. Clean city and great food -- we enjoy it. On days off I've been to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids and wouldn't mind hitting up African Lion Safari sometime soon.

In other MLB news the Phillies have four players that have made it to 30 homers this year. I'm just happy that we'll end up the season with two guys at 30+, unless Cito keeps sitting Lind.

Philadelphia becomes 12th team in major-league history with a 30-homer foursomeRaul Ibanez went long for the 29th and 30th times this season and Chase Utley hit No. 30, joining Ryan Howard (38) and Jayson Werth in Philadelphia's 30-homer club for 2009. Werth hit his 32nd, and Carlos Ruiz got his ninth for the Phillies, who snapped a four-game losing streak.

And over at Amazin' Avenue Eric Simon wonders if the Mets poor season has some to do with the WBC.

The Mets sent 9 players to the WBC: Jose Reyes, Oliver Perez, Pedro Feliciano, Alex Cora, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, J.J Putz, David Wright and  Francisco Rodriguez. Only three of the nine -- Wright, Feliciano and Rodriguez -- have had what could be reasonably described as healthy seasons. Reyes has been out since May 20. Delgado has been gone since May 10. Putz since June 4. Beltran had been out of action since June 21 before returning last night. Cora, for better or worse, missed the second half of May and, after returning for two months, has been out since August 12. Perez made just one start in May and hasn't pitched since August 23.

He might have a point, I wonder if it is going to be harder to get teams to allow players to go the the WBC in the future.