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A Year Ago On Bluebird Banter

One year ago today the Jays had a double header against the White Sox. We won both games to 10 game winning streak. It was too little too late, but it gave us hope for the next season, how little did we know.At the time we were 7 games back from the Red Sox for the Wild Card spot.

From the Game Recap of the second game:

 Litsch equaled AJ by going 7 tonight allowing 6 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks. He did give up 2 in the 3rd inning with a single and back to back doubles, but other than that he was amazing. Cy and League pitched a shutout 8th and 9th respectively. Offensively, well when you get 14 hits, life is pretty good. And when 3 of those hits are home runs, including a lead off home run by Scoot, a two run shot by Rolen and solo shot by Wells in the 9th, well, 8 run is the result. Rios had 3 hits and two base running blunders. Boy he can be a space cadet at times. Jays of the day: Rolen (.227 WPA), Scoot (.144), Litsch (.124) and VW (.094).

From the first game

For all those that love the bunt, this was the game for you. Pierzynski twice bunted into force outs at second. Then in the ninth BJ walked the first two batters, coming nowhere near the plate. So the White Sox, down by two, against a reliever who looks lost, try to bunt. Ramirez can't get it down and ends up striking out. That helped Ryan get into the game and after Swisher watched strike three and Uribe tapping on back to the pitch, Ryan got his 28 save.:

Boy it would be nice to have a 10 game win streak now. We are sitting at 1 now, only 9 to go.

And also on that day there was a happy birthday post for Joey Hamilton.

Today is Joey Hamilton's 38th birthday. Joey came to the Jays in one of the worst trades of the Gord Ash era. The Jays traded Woody Williams, Carlos Almanzar and Peter Tucci to get Joey from San Diego. Apparently Dave Stewart gave him a strong recommendation after coming to the Jays to be assistant GM having been the Padres pitching coach the season before. And Stewart wonders why he's not been hired as a GM.

So I'd guess it would be his birthday again. At the end of the birthday post I said happy birthday to my son Tommy, he was 16 a year ago, so amazingly he is 17 today. As my older son said it's his last year for underage drinking so he's got to make the most of it. We are taking him out for supper tonight so I'll just see the start of the game tonight.