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Where Will Rod Barajas Land?

The Jays have a free agent left out there that hasn't been signed yet and not I don't mean Kevin Millar (who I do wish would sign with someone else just to shut up the tiny voice in the back of my head that says 'he is going to come back you know). Rob Barajas is a type B free agent but he still hasn't signed anywhere. 

His problem has been that there were a lot of catchers out there, many of roughly the same value as Rod and many that teams could sign without giving up a draft pick. Rod had a good season, hitting 19 homers, but the .258 on base percentage is just so low. Add in that he turned 34 last year and he's not been a hot name in the rumor mills. But then several other catchers have signed two year deals at this point. A lot of them 

So I was wondering if any one had any idea where he might end up and if he will sign soon enough that the Jays will get a draft choice out of it.? Let us know where you think he will sign and how much he will get.