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Alex Anthopoulos on Fan 590

Alex Anthopoulos spent a few minutes this morning talking to Mike Hogan on Fan 590 today. He didn't have all that much for news. I'm not sure that complaining about how much his honeymoon cost is the best way to start a marriage. He also mentioned the time taken to refute the Carlos Delgado rumors yesterday. I'd like to mention to Eric Francis that it wasn't a blogger that started this rumor. 

Other things he said:

  • It took "a ton of man hours" to sign the arbitration eligible players yesterday, a team effort. His deadline for signing the players was to save the team from having to put together the case for the arbitrator and then not go in front of him. Having the dead line "got them to the table".
  • On Delgado: we "really don't see an opportunity" for him to play with the Jays.
  • On what he's looking to do before the start of the season, "shore up the starting pitching" or find another "arm in the pen". and he also mentioned the outfield. He said that with young pitchers it might be hard to get all the innings filled.
  • For starting rotation he mentioned Marcum, Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Rzepczynski and Tallet, mentioning they all have options, though I'm not sure Tallet still does. Said that Marcum, Romero and Morrow are almost locks for the rotation.
  • Said that Mills and Ray "may take a step forward" and Purcey "has a shot". I didn't hear him mention Drabek or Stewart or Richmond for that matter. 

And that's about all I heard that was remotely interesting. 

So who would you bet on to pitch the most innings for the Jays this season?