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Make your predictions: Shaun Marcum

Last year about this time, at the suggestion of Beyond the Boxscore, we did a bunch of community projections for Jay players. This year I thought we'd ask you all to make your predictions for us. We'll go a player at a time, and start with the starting pitchers and there in start with the maybe the toughest to predict, Shaun Marcum.

Shaun (how many different ways of spelling Shaun are there? Just counting Shawns that are in the majors, there must be 7 different spellings) as we all know missed all of last season after Tommy John surgery near the end of 2008. He did make 5 starts in the minors, a total of 15.2 innings, 13 K, 3 walks, 17 hits and a 2.30 ERA.

In 2008, before he was injured, he had a 9-7 record, 3.39 ERA, in 25 starts. 123 K, 50 walks and 126 hits in 151.1 innings. His FIP was 4.46. 7.31 K/9 and 2.97 BB/9.

Bill James prediction from him is 6-7, 4.05 in 22 starts and 120 innings. 

CHONE is a little less hopeful: 5-6, 4.59, in 19 starts and 104 innings.

So let's have your prediction. Give us win-lose, ERA, starts, and innings. After that add anything else you see in your crystal ball for Shaun this next season.